The Santallúcia Restaurant has two features that make it a very special place: Mediterranean cooking and fabulous views of l'Almadrava, one of the prettiest coves on the Costa Brava.


Mediterranean cooking

Olive oil, fish freshly caught in Roses and meat from Girona form the basis of a menu that suits all tastes. Don't miss their excellent seafood paella or noodles, which together with the views of the sea and beach form a perfect combination of sight and taste in a pleasurable multi-sensory experience that is hard to forget.

The menu has 3 main sections: starters, meat and fish. Accompanied by a fine selection of wines from the Empordà and other well-known Catalan and Spanish wine-growing regions.

In addition, special dishes of the day are offered, which include fish or seafood of the day, for instance noodles, hake,... or cooked meals such as stews, pig's trotters,...

We also prepare children's dishes such as cannelloni, spaghetti, chicken, pork loin,...

Starters (salads, shallots, cold roast vegetables, codfish and white bean salad, Spanish omelette)

             Meats (entrecote, fillet, breaded cutlets, meatballs,...)

        Fish (paella, noodles, squid, mussels, codfish, among others)


The Santallúcia Restaurant is located in Cala L'Almadrava in Roses, near the Apartaments Santallúcia complex. It has tables inside and a wonderful terrace where guests can enjoy their meals right next to the beach. It is a family restaurant, and is perfect for children to play on the beach while their parents end their meal with a delicious dessert or a coffee, as they are never out of sight.

At certain times of year guest can listen to music groups that perform on a tiny stage on the beach, known as l'Espai Blau, who will liven up your stay with blues, jazz,...

Opening times and Bookings

From Easter week and until the month of October: open all day. During the rest of the year: open at weekends

For more information and to book, please call:

+ 34 972 25 51 05
+ 34 972 15 05 58

Our set menu

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Our set menu
Our set menu
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